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Elise Neal is a very versatile actress and we can learn more about her new hair collection which hits stores in the fall and to find out her own top best hairstyles. According to Elise Neal she always been very vocal about loving different hairstyles and she had different hairstyles for every single moment. She loves different hair designs, and many styles she has worn over the years. So her hairstyles are so versatile and someone who wanted to switch up her look can have an idea from her hair styles.
Flat Straight Hair
This is her favorite hair style. For that hair style her short locks has been blow-dry in varied directions with a vent brush, and flat wrapping her hair against the shape of the head. If you want that then flat iron is needed after using styling lotion or wax.
Elisa Neal Medium Length Hairstyles

  • Low Fuss Hair style: The low-fuss hairstyle great for Elise Neal because she has naturally thick locks. For that hair style long layers are added around the sides and back to lighten the length and allow bounce and body which makes this casual style great for Elise Neal. Who are looking for a style to compliment a long face shape can opt this hair style.
  • Layers Jagged Cut: This hairdo has been styled in her shoulder length hair. To get that style her layers has been jagged cut into the back and sides to balance the bounce and movement of the waves. And her waves have been colored black at the root and brown to the rest of all.
  • Dark Straight Hair: In this style her hair has been cut in steps from ear length hair to shoulder length. And she has been styled her hair in side swept bangs.

Asymmetrical Bob Cut
Elisa Neal is wearing in 2008 a collar cuffed bob from the back, and edged closely to the nape. Her sides fall asymmetrically, the one side is longer than the other. The top has a low side panel that is brought over one part of her face to join the rest of the hair, this style would look good on her due to her oval shape face.
Elisa Smart Low Pony 
Elisa Neal had a low pony in her long locks. In that hairstyle her hair has been gathered in a low pony after having a high poufy look at the crown portion and similar heavy fringes on the forehead. This hair style makes her very beautiful.

Elisa Neal in Loose Bun
Elise Neal rocked the red carpet in a loose bun with side-swept bangs. In that hair style her hair has been pulled back in a loose bin after having side half forehead covered bangs. Small curled fringes were also giving shape to her face.
Elisa sat contour her head
Elise usually kept her hairs short and smooth. In this style her back is tapered into the neck for shape, and blending into the top and side layers which sat contour her head stylishly.

Elise Neal Picture

Elise Neal, the beautiful actress from Holywood looks stunning in this hairstyle. This is a soft and mesmerising look for her. As seen in the picture, it is a perfect hairstyle for her face type because the hair lengths were left just below shoulder level and crisp layers were trimmed through her top and sides to create posture and bdy. This further enhances the waves. This style works best for people with thick and medium hair types.




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