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Trendy hairstyles of Elisa Avellan


Elisa Avellan and Electra Avellan are twins and both are good actress. Elisa Avellan always has her natural hair style 2-3 inches below to her shoulders. Check out some hair styles of Elisa Avellan.
Elisa Avellan hair style in her movie Machete
In this movie she had long hairs that were colored in brown. The texture of her hair in this movie was dry and wavy. Her hair has been styles from top to bottom in slight waves. For that hair style curling iron is used for few minutes to get slight waves. Although this is very common hair style but look so beautiful.
Robert Rodriguez’s Planet Terror Hair style
In this movie Electra Avellan and Elisa Avellan played the twin baby sitter role. And in this movie Elisa Avellan showed off her long locks in river wavy style. She parted her hair from the left to the off side. And she was looking so gorgeous in that style.
Straight Sleek Hair Style
Whatever hair style Elisa Avellan wears she looks beautiful. In that hair style she also looks tremendous. This is very easy hair style, for that apply styling gel to your damp hair and after few seconds use straightening machine to get straight, sleek and shiny hair. This is evergreen hair ‘dos and the woman who wear such style look very pretty. You should also use hair spray so that you can have it for long time.
Long Layer Cut
This is the elegant style that is draped over one shoulder and Elisa Avellan showing off her long locks with the combination of medium to long layers cut through the sides and back to encourage movement and softness for a brilliant finish, and this hair style looks very pretty in her dark black locks. This elegant look is easy to achieve with a blow-wave.
Side swept Bangs of Elisa
Elisa Avellan has naturally straight and dark color locks, so this hair style looks perfect to her. Bangs look best on hair that's naturally straight, but if you have wavy hair you can pull them off and blow them out straight. Bangs do not work well on curly hair. Elisa usually has heavy curtains of bangs in her hair style, which look very smart. To get such hair style you may need a good flat-iron. Most of women love the look of thick, heavy bangs and side-swept bangs. So just avoid the thin, wispy, all-one-length bang because it will make your face look "boxy" and dated.
One side Pinned Hair Style
Elisa Avellan’s Pinned Hairstyles looked awesome that’s why she steals spotlights. Her one side bangs has been pinned in her wavy hairs and in this look she was looking beautiful. Another one hair style is Metallic pinned Hairstyle, which looked incredible having a beautiful Metallic white diamond pin. Such Hairstyles makes Elisa Avellan ravishing among other actresses. You can also try this style and get some different look instead of open hairs.

Elise Avellan Picture

Elise Avellan, the stunning star of present times, has hairs which were trimmed just below her shoulders level and lots of light feather layers were added through her ends to achieve a different finish. The top section of her hairs were made to fall over to her side and is full of body and movement.





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