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Best Looking Hair Styles of Electra Isabel Avellan


Electra Isabel Avellan knows that how to look hot and sexy, so she always wear those hair style which everybody like most. Electra makes a statement out on the red carpet that celebrity has to be best hair style ever. There are some best hairstyles of Electra Isabel Avellan.
Medium to Long Layer Cut
This is the elegant style that is draped over one shoulder showing off her long locks with the combination of medium to long layers cut through the sides and back to encourage movement and softness for a brilliant finish, and this hair style looks very pretty in her dark black locks. This elegant look is easy to achieve with a blow-wave.
Mid-Length Hairs
This is the charming look of Electra Isabel Avellan. She got this look with straight mid length shiny hairs; her hair was parted to the off side and front side swept bangs have been set on her forehead. This is the Electra common look, you can try this hair look to get natural look.
Electra Isabel Hair Look in Grind House
She played her role in this movie with her dark locks that were slightly wavy style. For such hair style her mane has been styled in that way that her upper side hair was in straight form and from the ear length to shoulder length hair was in wavy form. This is really best hairstyle ever for teenage girls who love to have hairs like that.
Electra Isabel Adorable look
In this hair style her soft curls swept to the side in the off side parted hairs. She pinned up her one side hairs behind the ear and the other side swept bangs was giving the voluminous look because edges of hair has been curled very neatly and upper part of hair was straight. 
Hairdo with Scarf
This is the style that many celebrities have tried in many movies. Electra Isabel also tried this style. In this style all hair has been covered in the scarf, and the scarf should be tied in that way like a cap cover front and top hairs of the head. Rest of the hair fall on the shoulder.

Messy Hair Look of Electra Isabel Avellan
She also had messy hair look in her black long locks. She styled her hair as usual side partition and side swept bangs, but she provided a messy look by doing side bangs that are falling on the forehead uneven and was looking uncombed.
Electra with slightly curly texture
Electra Isabel had hairstyle in Long hairs some inches long from the shoulder with soft slightly curly texture. To get this hairstyle apply styling lotion on her hairs after that mist a two-inch section with styling spray and loosely wrap just the lower portion around a curling iron and also roll back side hairs in varied direction. Comb your hairs in that style as curls to create soft rolled outward wave. By doing this you can get this hairstyle.

Electra Isabel Avellan Picture

Electra Isabel Avellan hairstyles has been quite a success in the media and fashion circuit. Her hairs here have that rich style which can make people follow her like mad. This is a hairstyle which has soft layers with lots of attitude. Electra Isabel Avellan with this hairstyle is the best looking celebrity of the world. Here she is having thick hair and high foreheads and the jaggered finish. This will help her to hide a high forehead and keep weight off the very ends of the layers. Layers were trimmed into her ends and will help to enhance the height through the top of her.




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