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Easy and simple ways to Whiten Your Teeth


Teeth are the pride of our face. No matter how good we look, when it comes to our face, our teeth play a very important role in adding up an extra charm. This extra charm gets extra attention and appreciation if these teeth are white in color. In our modern day life, it is very hard for people to maintain white teeth. There are numerous factors that turn them off white or yellowish inducing a need for whitening the teeth.

The whiteness of the teeth is lost due to many reasons. Few of the important and major causes are as follows:

  1. Consumption of alcohol.
  2. Consuming Tobacco.
  3. Consumption of wine
  4. Stains from consumption of Coffee.
  5. Consumption of Dark Sodas.
  6. Less time devotion for brushing.
  7. Eating junk food with extra cheese.

These are few of the common practices that you I and do every day and consequence is yellow off-white teeth.

Remedy to Whiten your Teeth

The ultimate remedy that comes in every one’s mind is going to the dentist, but the fee of the dentist and the charge he or she imposes for making your teeth shiny white again is really not affordable.

Whitening your teeth:

Here are some easy and affordable measures to whiten your teeth.

  • Rub salt and mustard oil on your teeth and keep in for 2 minutes. Rinse it off with water.
  • Rub the ash of wood charcoal on teeth and let it be for 1 minute. Rinse it off with water and brush properly. (NOTE: This method is dangerous and harmful for the gums but is effective in teeth whitening)
  • Rub Strawberry on the teeth. Strawberries contain malic acid, which is very efficient in teeth whitening.
  • Use baking Soda to polish teeth and prevent any stain builds up.

Apart from these steps, regularly brush your teeth and that too not in hurry, but properly.

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