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A concentrated hydrophobic liquid which contains volatile aromatic compounds obtained from plants is known as essential oil. The essential oil is also referred by some other names like ethereal oil, volatile oil, aetherolea. Essential oil is extracted from different plants as many a time it is referred simply as oil of the plant from which it is extracted. When steam distillation of aromatic plants is carried on, the colloidal suspension or aqueous solution of essential oils obtained is known as hydrosol. Floral water or distillate water is other name used to refer hydrosols. Hydrosols are obtained by the distillation process in which essential oils float at the top and hydrosols are left behind as distillate.

Use of essential oil and hydrosol oil

Many disease causing hormones are present in our body. Essential oils help in reducing the number of these hormones and hence help in curing the diseases. This category of oil is among the most powerful component of nature present on earth. They have great essence and they promote health among the individuals and lift their spirit of living through their essence. No toxics are left by them and hence they are considered among one of the wonderful gifts of nature.

Hydrosols also have great medicinal values. Just like essential oil even hydrosols are used in aromatherapy which has become very famous recently. The basic difference between hydrosols and essential oils lies in their aroma. They have woodier or green aroma as compared to that of essential oil. Hydrosols are gentler than essential oils. Hence they are usually used for babies who need something which if very gentle. Essential oils can be added to hydrosols if they seem too gentle to someone.

The shipping cost of essential oils and hydrosols was very high as a result of which their use had declined. But now due their healing importance they are again in demand.

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