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Let us find out 25 Uses for Shampoo


25 uses of Shampoo
Shampoo is a very common substance and is used almost all over the world. However the uses of Shampoo vary from place to place. Different people use shampoo for various purpose. Here are few of the common 25 uses for Shampoo.

  1. Shampoo is useful in washing Hair and keeping it Clean.
  2. Few shampoos have some nourishment in it that nourishes the hair.
  3. Shampoo is also very much helpful in nourishing the scalp.
  4. Shampoo is useful in washing the body.
  5. Shampoo is useful in removing the color of the hair.
  6. Shampoo is useful in washing the body of the cars and automobiles.
  7. Shampoo is extremely useful in washing the floor of the houses and buildings, especially the ones that have marble covering.
  8. Shampoo is useful in cleaning utensils.
  9. Shampoo is useful in cleaning artificial flowers and decorative items in house.
  10. Shampoo can even be used to wash out our pets.
  11. Shampoo mixed with baking soda can clean hard metals and can help in bringing back its shine.
  12. Shampoo mixed with conditioner can be used as a shaving cream.
  13. Shampoo can also be used to soften the body hair before shaving them off. Areas like armpits, legs and arms are the most effective area to apply it.
  14. Shampoo can be used as liquid soap. It generates more foam in comparison to liquid soap.
  15. Shampoo can be used to clean hair brushes and hair scrubber.
  16. Shampoo can also be used to wipe out doors and wooden works.
  17. Shampoo and conditioner together can be used as lubricant.
  18. Shampoo can also be used to take out something which is stuck due to friction.
  19. Shampoo can be used to clean door mats.
  20. Few cloths like delicate panties and braziers can also be washed in shampoo and can be given that extra softness.
  21. One can even wash the mask of the diving suit and will observe that it will never fog up again if one washes it with shampoo.
  22. Shampoo can be used as a manicure liquid and can be used to clean and soften the nails and cuticles.
  23. Shampoo can be used to clean bathtub and sink. Don’t clean toilet because it will not be killing any bacteria and germs there.
  24. Special detergents for washing sweaters can be replaced by shampoo.
  25. Shampoo can be used to clean the refrigerators, ACs; televisions etc. just wipe it with a cloth wet with a solution of shampoo and water.

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