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Hairstyles for Medium to Long Hair


Generally, medium hairstyles includes weight line of hair which is present between the jaw line and the ear. When hair length is below the shoulder then this is long hairstyles. Mostly, hairstyles for medium to long hair are depend upon the face shape and texture or type of hair.

What are the different types of medium to long hairstyles?

Long and medium hair is proposing various type of hairstyle for styling your hair. There are several hairstyles options for medium to long hairs.

  • Long straight hairstyles - Long straight hairstyle is very attractive among different long hairstyles. Straight hair is looking very gorgeous. This is one type of long hairstyles.
  • long curly hairstyles - Curly hairstyle is very popular for long hair. Curls gives you sexy and cute look. Naturally curly long hairstyle is provide very beautiful look. Curly hair is one of the good choice for long hair.
  • Braid hairstyles - You can also wear various braid hairstyles like simple braid, French braid, French twist etc. Braid hairstyles is very famous long hairstyle.
  • Ponytail hairstyle - Ponytail is great hairstyle for both long as well as medium hair. This type of hairstyle is very simple.
  • Updo hairstyles - Updo hairstyle is very stylish hairstyle of long as well as medium hair. Updo is easily create in medium hair.
  • Layered hairstyles - Layers are always popular in both medium and long hairstyle. Layered hairstyle is gives very cute look.
  • Medium bob hairstyles - This type of bob hairstyles are perfect for medium hair. Medium bob hairstyle is requires shine and sparkly hair. Therefore, you can use of conditioner for this hairstyles.

Popular celebrities of hairstyle for medium to long hair

There are a lot of celebrities of hairstyles for medium to long hair. Celebrity plays an important role in promoting different type of medium as well long hairstyles. Looks with long as well as medium hair of celebrity are very attractive and gorgeous. you can choose your hairstyles from different celebrity's long or medium hairstyles. Following celebrities hairstyles for medium to long hair are very popular and attractive;

  • Jessica Simpson
  • Angelina Jolie
  • Paris Hilton
  • Jessica Alba
  • Ashlee Simpson
  • Eva Longoria
  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Halle Berry
  • Victoria Beckham

Tips on Hairstyles for Medium to Long Hair

  • Romantic bob hairstyles requires trimming at every 6-8 weeks.
  • You can also applying different hair products for proper medium or long hairstyles.
  • Layered hairstyles are perfect for medium hair which gives volume and body to your medium to ling hair.
  • Long hairstyle with bangs is wants regular trimming every 8-9 weeks.
  • You can try out various type of styling hair product for creating proper medium or long hairstyles.
  • You can create different hairstyles of your medium or long hair by applying various hair colors.

Picture gallery of hairstyles for medium to long hair

Here, you can find out different types of hairstyles for medium to long hair such as curly, wavy hairstyle, straight hairstyles, layered hairstyle, hairstyles with bangs etc.

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