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Generally, hairstyles are decided according to face shape and personality. Matching hairstyles and face shape is very important in deciding any hairstyle. Mostly, hair designers are the definitively judges your face shape. Using different type of hairstyles, you can change your face shape.

Method of deciding shape of face

  • You can decide your face shape from outlining face shape on a mirror with the help of lipstick or soap to swathe it with the help of a towel and inquiring others guess the face shape. Initially, pull hair back away from the face with rubber band. This may be one of the best method of deciding face shape.
  • You can also finding your face shape with the help of tape measure. This type of method involves measurement is done across the top of cheekbone, across your jaw line and across your forehead. Finally, measure from tip of hairline to the bottom of chin.

What are the different face shapes of person?

There are several kinds of face shape found in human being.

  • Oval face - Oval shaped face is ideal face shape in case of deciding hairstyles. Mostly, any hairstyle is suitable for oval face. Generally, Oval face shape involves slightly rounded hairline. Oval shape is quietly narrower at the jaw line than at the temple of face.
  • Round face - Round face shape mainly involves round hairline as well as round chin.
  • Square face - Square face shape is having tough and square jaw line and frequently, uniform square hairline.
  • Heart face - Heart shaped face is consist of wider foreheads and a pointed chin.
  • Rectangular - Rectangular face shape is generally long and slim. This type of face shape consists of equal width at forehead and below the cheekbones. It also involves very narrow chin and high forehead.

Hairstyle tips for face shape

  • Generally, avoid heavy bangs for oval face shape. Because, it is covered your ideal face.
  • You can try soft wispy bangs with medium hairstyle for your rectangular face shape.
  • Straight chopped bangs are avoided in case of round face shape.
  • Long straight hairstyles and straight bangs are not suitable for square shaped face.
  • You can decide your face shape with the help of your hairdresser.
  • A horizontal line of full bangs can cover up the forehead and balancing the face. This type of hairstyle is mainly suitable for high forehead.

Determining hair styling: tips for recognizing face-cuts and enhancing them

If you have tall and slim body: Any hairstyle suits this figure. Shoulder cuts look particularly attractive. Avoid very short hair.

Use your hairstyle to make close set eyes look further apart: Add width at and below the temples and keep the top flat.

If you have tall and fat body: Avoid too short or long hair. Short hair on a fat body gives a too short and fat appearance. Long hair will give a clumsy look. Balance your shape with medium length hair.

If you have short height, slim body: Any hairstyle will suit, but do not have too long hair.

If you have short height, plump body: have a hair-cut only upto jaw level. Do not scatter hair, the body will look fat.

If you have prominent nose: Keep the hairline at the temples soft, with a short fringe or half fringe (bangs), and make sure that there is fullness at the back of your head to balance your profile. Avoid too short, severe hairstyles.

If you have big ears: Cover the ears with soft waves or a smooth full fall of hair. If you prefer to wear your hair short, make sure that the strands in front of your ears are left long enough to brush back and cover them. The sides are left full and thick.


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